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Action3D Reducer reduces the number of faces in 3D objects
Download a demo version of Action3D Reducer

“Our demo is identical to the complete version, except that it is saved-disabled. Experience the best reduction tool of the industry.”

Research Director

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“The ultimate 3D object optimization tool built upon DirectX. To use Action3D Reducer, make sure you have the latest version of DirectX installed”


Review of Action3D Reducer by Robert Hall

“Action 3D Reducer is a super easy-to-use program”

Review by Robert Hall

The easiest way to make your game faster

If you are looking for an easy way to make your game or simulation faster, you are at the right place. Within minutes, Action3D Reducer can reduce the number of faces in your 3D creation while retaining its original appearance. Now your 3D creation can be rendered at a frame rate higher than ever.

This is an example of a 3D object before and after reduction using Action3D Reducer. The reduction process greatly reduced the number of triangle faces in the Bugman, and at 13% of the original, the rendered quality of the model is still very good.

Bugman not reduced
the original

Bugman reduced 87%
13% of the original

Don’t waste your precious time

These days your time is precious. Invest your time in the true creation process, don’t waste it in tedious 3D object optimization. Action3D Reducer is the perfect swiss knife that can cut out within minutes the irrelevant vertices and triangle faces in your 3D creation.

Think about it, your artistic director is waiting for your latest creation, it is ready, but what a huge object. You can spend hours trying to reduce its size, but just process it with Action3D Reducer, and in just a few minutes, you have in front of you a much lighter version of your creation, plus a delighted artistic director.

Simply the best product of its kind

Action3D Reducer is very good at removing the excess vertices and triangle faces in any 3D object. It is fast, easy to use, and what is amazing is that you can select the level of detail in real time. With a slider control you can remove and add triangle faces in your 3D object while seeing the end result in real time.

“Give yourself a break with this wonderful time saving tool. Now I can spend more time on creative work.”

3D Artist

“If you are creating huge 3D objects, this is the right version for you.”

Game designer

Get the .pdf on how it works

“Action3D Reducer is the best product of its kind. It uses the powerfull reduction approach of Hugues Hoppe, a senior reasearcher at Microsoft. Get the .pdf to learn more about it.”

3D engineer

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