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"Our demo is identical to the complete version, except that it is saved-disabled. Experience the best reduction tool of the industry."

Research Director

To appreciate the reduction power of Action3D Reducer, download  the sample models from this gallery section and import them both in Action3D Reducer and your favorite 3D tool. 

We have included both the original and the reduced version of each 3d object in a self-extracting file.  All the objects are saved in binary compressed .x files or .3ds files.  Seeing is believing, try to reduce those models with Action3D Reducer and compare it with the reduction you can get with our competition.

When you compare a 3d model reduced with Action3D Reducer against the same model reduced by a competitor, do not only look at the metrics, we suggest you look closely  and compare the geometry.

Whales reduced 82%
Whales, 18% of original

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